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About Nexus and Logic Nine

Nexus is a software program for scrap yards to run all of their day-to-day operations. It was developed by myself, Matthew R. Walsh and branded & marketed by my wife Britany Walsh.

Nexus was developed in 2008 when a friend of ours, who owned a scrap yard, came to us because he couldn't decide on what scrapyard software to buy. We looked at the choices he was about to make, and the prices, ranging from $30,000 - $100,000 and we simply told him we'd choose none of them, not only based on price, but based on quality.

Since we are software developers, it was only logical for us to offer to build him a software platform for his business. Which we did.

He felt the software was better than anything else on the market and we should sell it to other yards. We weren't interested at the time because we had software development contracts building software for use by GM, Ford, Audi/Lamborghini, Opel, Chrysler, BMW, Ford Europe and other automotive companies. After some thought, we decided to post a press release about the software online.

Immediately, Recycling Today ran an article on Nexus, as well as several other media outlets, and in our first month, we sold 11 copies of Nexus. By our fourth month, we sold over 30, that trend continued and now we have over 700 installations in 43 states and a full featured product line.

After the market crash in 2008~2009, we moved our offices from Detroit, away from the automakers, to Tampa, Florida to be closer to the southern customers that seemed to be needing our services the most (plus who doesn't love Florida?!).

Our business expanded rapidly, and we found ourselves upgrading offices three times in four years.

In 2011, we started the first and only mobile scrap yard in Tampa, Florida called "Re-Evolution Metal Recyclers". Owning a recycling business taught us a lot about the direction of Nexus and where it should go, and we poured all of that knowledge into the software.

In 2013, we sold Re-Evolution to a private company.

By 2014, our business had expanded to include many products in different industries and we had no choice but to move ourselves, once again to be closer to our clients. We are now located in Los Angeles, California.

In 2015, my mother, Lori McQuillan, the administrator of ScrapLaws.com was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, despite never smoking and very rarely drinking. It was a complete surprise to everyone; three months later she passed away. She was my mother, only parent and best friend in the entire world. She taught me everything I ever needed to be a man and to be who I am today. If it wasn't for her, I would have never have wanted to be a computer programmer, especially not in the 4th grade!

We believe in causes; Solutions aren't free.
Portions of the proceeds of Nexus consistenly go to help the fight against cancer, as well as saving rescue dogs and saving California's Sea Lions (as people commonly call them, Seals).

On October, 2018, Matthew and Britany shared their 11th anniversary!

We are a family owned business who are intent only on helping others and our community.
We pride ourselves on having a superior product and offering it at a much lower cost than anyone else. We can do that, because WE are the programmers.
We love making a difference.

We hope to work with you!

NEXUS RECYCLING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: No monthly fees. No cartoon logos or catchy phrases. No gimmicks. No contracts.