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Software Pricing

Our software is priced very simply:

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Premium Features

Some of the features of Nexus

Scale Ticketing
Instantly create, pay and print scale tickets in seconds while our software handles all compliance guidelines, inventory, payment options and more!
Law Compliance
Capture fingerprints, signatures, drivers license and photograph materials automatically. Generate pre-filled police reports instantly.
NMVTIS Reporting
Automatically populate vehicle information using our VIN decoder, scan titles for your records, report vehicle purchases online with one click.
Booking & Containers
Ship international containers, generate booking sheets, packing slips, bills of lading, payment invoices and more
Track your inventory in real-time with complete automated precision. Get up to the second inventory, purchase, profit, and sales reports.
Construction & Demolition
Buy, invoice, track and inventory construction and demolition (C&D) materials.
Tiered Pricing
Set up pricing tiers for your customers, use group pricing or even give special prices for individual customers and materials with expiration dates!
Formula Pricing
Create pricing formulas that allow pricing to change dynamically as the market fluctuates, such as giving a customer +0.10 for copper #1.
Incentive Pricing
Create incentive pricing formulas to reward customers who bring in certain amounts of scrap material.
Profit Margins
Nexus can import prices from your buyer and balance them against your set profit margins to automatically calculate the door price for your materials.
Company Chat
Use the built-in company chat system to communicate from employee to employee WITHOUT the use of walkie talkies. Great for discussing pricing in a busy yard!
Police Reports
Instantly generate detailed reports for law enforcement that includes pictures of the materials, drivers license, signature, fingerprints and vehicle information.
California CRV
Purchase CRV materials with ease. Generate all the state-required forms with approved calculations and even upload to DORIIS.
MRF & Single Stream
Handle material intake characterizations for trash and single-stream recycling methods. Manage routes, averaged pricing and in-depth reporting!
Employee Training
Nexus shows your employees what a selected material should look like and describes how to identify it, this helps train new employees quickly.
Container Tracking
Track containers, routes, pickup locations, vehicles and more in the field interactively. Access vehicle, driver and container GPS devices.
Cash Management
Track cash payments and cash drawer activity even for yards with multiple cash drawers and vaults! Stop cash theft.
Employee Management
Manage accurate employee records and payroll with Nexus' built-in employee timeclock with fraud prevention.
Unlimited Users
Set up unlimited users and control exactly what they are able to do, see and change.
Customizable Home Screen
Each user can change their own home screen by adding/moving/removing live tiles, changing colors and the background image.
Multiple Payment Types
Instantly pay with cash, check, ATM debit card, ATM machine and wire transfer with one click.
Warehoused Material
Store and log your gaylord boxes, drums, pallets and more. Generate tags that can be scanned to auto-populate invoices and track inventory whether it is unfinished or finished.
Regrade Materials
Take one inbound material and regrade it into 15 other materials, or take 15 materials and turn it into one material instantly.
Website Pricing Widget
Nexus automatically uploads pricing to your website anytime it changes (if configured).
LeadsOnline Reporting
Report to LeadOnline instantly with only one click.
BWI Reporting
Report to BWI instantly with only one click.
Texas DPS Reporting
Report to Texas DPS instantly with only one click
Texas Cash Cards
Create cash cards to comply with Texas law instantly. All required forms are auto-generated and Nexus generates either plastic or laminate cash cards on the fly.
Georgia Leads Online
Report to Leads Online and meet Georgia's new reporting requirements.
Montana Wrecking Facilities
Generate Montana's MV86 form instantly prefilled with all appropriate information!
Alabama ACJIC
Report to Alabama ACJIC instantly with only one click.
Department of Homeland Security
Upload your information to Ohio's Department of Homeland Security system with one click!
Intelligent Software
Nexus monitors your computer and reports problems to you before they become a problem.
Text Messaging
Nexus can notify the appropriate employees/managers when various things happen within the software. Such as tickets being deleted, pricing changes, when cash drawer balances run low and more!
NOT Cloud Based!
Using PC software instead of cloud-based software means 100% reliability, lightning-fast speeds and no internet access is required.
You Own The Software
Since Nexus is PC software, not cloud based, you own it. No one can see your information but you, and no one can take away your access.
Lowest Cost Software
No hidden feature restrictions, no tiered packages, no modules*. Nexus is full-featured right out of the box. No fully compliant software costs less.
Pay As You Go Pricing
Get Nexus for as low as $499 per month!
No Update Fees
Our software updates online automatically, we do not charge for updates, new features or fixes.
Free Support
Support for Nexus is completely free for software issues.
The BEST Software
Nexus is the software people know by name and trust it to handle over $2 billion dollars annually.
650+ Installs
Nexus can be found in over 43 states and 5 countries worldwide!

This is only a fraction of what Nexus offers

We offer a free 14 day trial of our software. No strings attached.

Best of all, if you purchase Nexus...

There are no contracts!

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