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Your Nexus purchase allows us to continue giving back.

We have been so fortunate with the success of Nexus that there isn't a day we cross someone who is homeless or see an animal in distress, whether on the street, the news or online and want to help.

My wife Britany and myself have been seeing more and more homeless people here in California, a place that many people end up because they have big dreams and aspirations -- and it is a tough place to live. It's expensive, it's crowded and it can be unfriendly.

Even worse: our temperatures on any given day, depending on the time of year, can rise to over 100 degrees, and drop down below freezing. California can be windy, and sometimes the weather is rather inhospitable. Much of it is desert. -- and we have the highest homeless population in the country

How does Nexus help?
We (the CEO's of LOGIC NINE, Nexus' parent company) decided to help by driving around ourselves, once a month, with several bags of food (human and dog) and several two-person tents.

When we come across someone who appears to be in distress, we simply ask them if they are homeless right now -- then ask them if they have a tent or a place to stay. If they no place to stay, they get a brand new tent. Everyone we come into contact with, gets enough food for a few days, sometimes a week.

If they have a dog, we also give them dog food to help their little friend survive as well.

What's in the bag?
Each bag is loaded with: U.S. Military MRE meals, two desserts, two packs of crackers, a snack, cheese spreads, jelly, peanut butter, bread, instant coffee, mints, napkins, forks, spoons, knives, MRE food heaters, electrolyte food powders, drink containers, etc.

How else do you help?
We donate money consistently to St. Judes for childhood cancer, as well as other cancer funds. We donate toy's to the child cancer wards on Christmas. This is very important to us.

We donate money to help rehabilitate injured and abused dogs as well as the shelters that care for them.

We donate money consistently to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center to help the California Sea Lions recover. They are amazing little water dogs and deserve as much help as they can get.